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I’m a visual person. I like pictures. They’re simple, get right to the point, and the prettier, the better. That’s why I really like Symbaloo to organize all of my web resources.

I follow a million different education blogs, Twitter Chats and Edmodo threads. Everyday there are at least a dozen links to amazing resources that I know I could use in my classroom. But when the time comes for me to use them, I have no freaking idea what I did with them. Enter Symbaloo.

You can set Symbaloo to be your home page. They’re nice enough to put a big Google search bar right in the middle, so that’s pretty handy. It’s surrounded by a bunch of empty squares; that’s where the magic happens. Click on the square, fill in the URL to the site you want to bookmark, and now you have a big button to click on. Repeat until you have all your favorite sites on the board.

Unless you’re like me. I’m a teacher by day, photographer by weekend, Photoshop Expert 24/7, designer at heart, and MOM. My old browser bookmark bar was a MESS. Symbaloo allows you to create sets of sites, each tucked away under their own little tab, to keep everything nice and organized. So I have a board for all my favorite tech resources, a board for each of my classes, a board for my Photoshop Meetup Group, and a board for my daughter (because I got sick of telling her how to spell DISNEY.) Basically, it’s nothing more than a visual reference for your favorite bookmarks, but it comes in pretty handy when you have a set of links you want to organize.

For example, you may want your students to go on a webquest; set up the links you want them to visit on a board. Or design a virtual field trip, organizing various links to a specific place or topic.

Another cool feature is that you can share your board, or search for boards that already exist. If you find one that you would like to use, just click on the “Add Webmix” button, and the board will be added to your personal set of tabs whenever you want to access it.

Below is a screenshot of my Tech Teacher Board. Click on the image to go directly to the board.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 9.04.37 PM


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