Stop Lugging Home Piles of Paper

I teach three different subjects over a 10-period/2-day block schedule that also includes a built-in intervention period (so technically, 11 periods). I teach under three separate career clusters that have a few things in common, but ultimately, my classroom is a MESS. I’m always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to stay organized (preferably paperless) ┬áso that I’m not buried under a stack of grading when I go home.

I’m not very good at it.

So I cannot express my joy when a fellow teacher raced into my room with this organizational app/website. OMG, OMG, OMG, I LOVE IT.

Three Ring allows you to create separate classes, paste your rosters, and use tagging technology to quickly archive and assess your students’ work. You can take a picture, record a conversation, or take video of a student’s presentation. This information links to an online portfolio archive of the student’s entire body of work for your class, which is completely secure.

In plain English: You don’t want to take home a stack of papers? Use the Three Ring app on your phone to choose the class, and photograph the student’s work. You can go back and look at it later on your phone, a tablet, or your computer. Not only does this eliminate the bulky, messy stacks of paper, but it also digitally archives all the work you receive, so you can’t accidentally “lose” some along the way. It also allows you to quickly look at a student’s entire body of work, which can be helpful to measure progress or useful during a parent conference.

You can use Three Ring to record a student’s response to a question. You can use it to record a presentation or performance. Whatever you decide to archive, it’s tagged nicely with the student and class that it belongs with. Does late work end up in a pile on your desk? Tag it as soon as the student turns it in, and you don’t have to struggle at the end of a caffeine-crash at 4:00pm trying to figure out in which of your 9 classes that one of your 250 students are.

Oh, happy day!

If you’re a digital-dependent like me, this app/website makes it easy for you to grade on the go, maxing out those moments of down-time that would otherwise be wasted, and allows you to accept several different types of media to assess content knowledge.

Need to see it in action? Watch the video here. It was ridiculously easy to set up, and the best part? It’s FREE.

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