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Things Teacher Lie About – Cheating

A peculiar thought struck me the other day. In my previous life, I worked at a press shop. My boss, a tiny whip of a woman named Cricket whose gravelly voice was perfected by years of chain smoking Marlboros, was quite imposing despite her small stature. I was new to the industry of printing, and

#CreatEDU Weekly Twitter Slowchat

I love Twitter chats, but who’s got time? That’s an hour timesink, times infinity, because there’s so many great ones out there. Enter the “slowchat,” which lasts all week, and you can check in whenever you want. But you really, really should, because it’s a great place to share resources. There’s so many incredibly creative

Fifi’s New Clothes

If you’ve never seen a tarantula shed it’s exoskeleton, it’s really quite interesting. Here’s a time-lapse of out class tarantula, Fifi, shrugging out of her old seven-legged “skin.” The entire process took about 12 hours. It’s unusual for a tarantula to do this upright; most of the time they flip over on their back to