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When I Die

“Ms. Z, did you see that dude who killed all those people in Florida?” my student greeted me at the door. “Yes,” I replied grimly. “I hope you know I’m not taking a bullet for any of you guys!” I joked, trying to relieve the tension. But they know better. They know I would. You

Five Years

I’ve hit that teaching milestone; the one that makes or breaks a teacher. I’ll be honest; it came very close to breaking me. My first year was a blur.┬áNot only was I learning a whole new profession, I was also dealing with the declining health and eventual death of my father to colon cancer. That’s

The Lost Children – Middle School Widgets

  When people find out that I’m a teacher, this question always comes up: “What grade do you teach?” “6th through 8th.” “Ugh. God bless you.” Before I taught, I’m ashamed to say I had the same reaction. Middle schoolers are those awkward, in-between, annoying kids that most people ignore until they become “normal” again.