Snooze-Proof Professional Development

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this, you’re probably tech-savvy. And if you’re tech-savvy, you probably get asked to pitch new technology to your co-workers pretty often.

And we all know how much teachers LOVE professional development.

Powerpoint presentations are my instant cure for insomnia, not to mention most of the content in PD is something we’ve seen before. It’s just been remixed, repackaged, and repeated. Do you ever wonder why we keep seeing things over and over again? My guess is that we weren’t paying attention the first time. So here’s a few ideas to grab their attention, and get them EXCITED about PD. Or at least make them do something with their phone besides checking their Facebook.

Ditch Powerpoint

Seriously, let it go (unless you don’t have an Internet connection, in which case, your choices are limited). If you have the ability to work in the Cloud, Emaze is a beautiful Powerpoint alternative that is visually dynamic. Some of their templates have a 3D effect, adding depth and interest to your presentation, and they have a discount for educators. There are plenty of free services online as well, but if you pay for this one, it allows you to download the presentations, making the Internet issue a non-issue.

Give Them A Parking Lot

It’s really easy to get off track when you open up the floor for questions. Table those with a backchannel option like Today’s Meet. Audience members can talk amongst themselves without interrupting your train of thought, and it also gives you a solid set of questions to make sure you’ve addressed them all. I’m verklempt.

Broadcast It

Consider broadcasting your PD to share your info with a broader audience. You can live-stream it on services like Periscope, or you can record either a video or podcast to use again later.

Make It Simple to Get Resources

“Can you send me that Powerpoint?” This requires getting emails from your audience, then spending an hour either typing them all in or poking through the employee directory. Then you’re assuming your district network can handle your file. And once they get your file, they have to poke through all the slides to find the links.

Yuck. Too much work.

Why not give them a QR code sticker, where they can scan it and be taken to a bulletin board full of links? WAY EASIER.

Wicked Awesome Presenter Ideas

My QR sticker takes people straight to a board that has all the links from the presentation with a quick overview. Use a URL Shortener to keep it tidy, and don’t forget to put a link to both the entire presentation and your personal info so they can contact you with further questions. Click here to access the board.

There’s a ton of great bulletin board services out there. My personal favorite at the moment is Padlet, but I also love LinoIt, Symbaloo, & Tackk. Each one has a specific look, but they’re all great for displaying an easily assessible link with a quick blurb.

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