Real-Life Where’s Waldo

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Imagine that you wake up, and have no idea where you are. All you can do is look around, use contextual clues, and try your best to figure out where you are. Give it your best guess, and GeoGuessr will show you how close you are.

It pretty simple, and there’s not much to it yet, but it’s really interesting to see how much different countries resemble our own. I fell into a 45 minute timesink with this website and visited a myriad of different countries. Sometimes I was really close (the hills of Kentucky & a familiar stretch of 1-10), and occasionally I was really, really off (I thought it was the coast of Mississippi, but it ended up being a lake in Kazakhstan).

I see a million uses for this website. Obviously, there’s the World Geography angle, but you could also use it as a scene starter for an ELA class, or an introduction to geocaching, or to practice math problems by determining the differences in distance. Ultimately, it’s just a great way to get your kids thinking globally, and to start exploring the world.


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