Instant Vocabulary Lists

Academic Language: the current buzzword. I like to tell my kids it’s just “fancy words.”  Of course, we all know why they need to know them, especially the population I service. Without vocabulary, it’s really hard to get ahead in this world. But oh, how I hate creating vocabulary lists.

Hate. It.

Enter this incredibly AWESOME new tool that I have completely fallen in love with. Vocabulist allows you to upload any Word, PDF or text document (or you can cut and paste from a content-relevant website). A few moments later, Vocabulist will define every word on the page. Simply “X” out the words that you don’t care about, and you have a complete set of vocabulary words with definitions for your students.  You can download the set as a PDF document, or you can export it to a Quizlet account, which will allow your kids to work interactively through a variety of vocabulary-building games and study techniques. (If you’re not familiar with Quizlet, you need to be! It’s AWESOME!)

Vocabulist is still in beta, but the current version is still very helpful. Imagine assigning your students something to read, and having the vocabulary list available for reference. Or you can give them the list without definitions and have them try to figure out the words from context.

This handy little time saver just makes vocabulary easier to teach without the time-sink or actually looking up the words in a dictionary. And while that’s still a valuable skill, sometimes we just want to keep our kids focused on the task at hand.

As of this writing, Vocabulist is free, which is always the right price for teachers.

Here’s a little screenshot:


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