If You Love Kahoot…

Okay, I’m kind of a tech snob. If everyone else is doing it, I’m moving on, because I’m always looking for the next big thing. But Kahoot has some staying power; even now, my kids still love it. So I’ve been looking for applications that have the same Kahoot BANG, but, well, just aren’t Kahoot. Enter Quizizz.

Quizizz is a lot like Kahoot, but in my opinion, BETTER. Here’s why.

2016-04-27 16_07_18-Quizizz_ Select Question Set

The basic dashboard

On the surface, it looks pretty much the same. Standard dashboard, and the option to search the community for quizzes before you have to create your own. But if you opt for creating your own, the interface is very simple and easy to use, and you have the option of dropping in an image.

2016-04-27 16_10_50-Quizizz Creator

Quizizz’s simple question editor

Once you lock in your questions, the fun starts. Unlike Kahoot, you can jumble your questions and answers, which discourages cheating, or my personal pet peeve, that one kid who always calls out, “it’s RED!!!” You also have the option of disabling the answers, or allowing the kids to see a review afterward.

2016-04-27 16_08_47-Quizizz_ Select Question Set

Question settings

Quizizz’s strengths are in the actual game settings. Part of the appeal of Kahoot is the spirit of competition. Quizizz maintains that in-the-moment spirit with a leaderboard that flashes on the student screen after every question, so they still feel like they are competing even though they all don’t see the same question at the same time.


Each question is timed, which keeps the pace quick, and you can give students the option of more points if they answer quickly. But one of the favorite things my kids love about Quizizz are the memes. We’ll get to that in a second, but TURN THEM ON. Trust me on this one. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

2016-04-27 16_09_26-Quizizz_ Select Question Set

Students join the game at the link, and enter a predetermined 6 digit code. Another major difference is that students don’t all have to play at the same time, either. The leaderboard is ultimately determined by correct answers and individual student attempt times. This can come in REAL handy as an enrichment activity, or even a homework competition embedded into your Google Classroom!

2016-04-27 16_18_03-Quizizz 2016-04-27 16_19_54-Quizizz_ Game Dashboard

Students see the questions, and simply click on the correct (or incorrect) answer. And that’s where the magic happens.

2016-04-27 16_25_23-Quizizz

They are rewarded with a random meme.


All the good ones are here. All the things. Leo DiCaprio. Morpheus. And if you don’t like the standard, school appropriate ones, you can create your own. Which will also be school appropriate, I’m sure.

2016-04-27 16_11_37-Quizizz_ Meme Generator

Another great tool in Quizizz is the reporting capabilities. It’s easy to keep an eye on the running tally both during the game, and after the game. A simple bar graph lets you see immediately which students may be struggling.

2016-04-27 16_26_55-Quizizz_ Game Dashboard

Teacher display during game play

2016-04-27 16_27_24-Quizizz_ Game Dashboard

Immediately following the end of the game. 

You can immediately export your results for easy import into a gradebook or spreadsheet, or you can go back into the report feature later and analyze how each student did on a question or player basis. It’s incredibly easy to see who’s struggling, and it’s a great formative assessment tool.

2016-04-27 16_12_59-Quizizz_ Reports

2016-04-27 16_16_54-Quizizz_ Reports

So if you like Kahoot, but want a fun game with a little more teeth, give Quizizz a try. And just wait for the kid’s reply:




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