Gamify Your Classroom with Kahoot!

As you probably already know, I teach junior high students. You probably also know that the junior high attention span is equivalent to a that of a gnat. Enter the block schedule, which is designed to give teachers longer periods of time to cover more standards. I have 90 minute class periods.

90 minutes. Junior high.

See my issue?

Enter Kahoot!, which is an online assessment tool that is guaranteed to boost your classroom engagement level.  Start by setting up your account at Preload your questions, and watch the magic begin.

Students log in to Each Kahoot! is given a specific pin number.


Once the students enter that number, they are prompted to create their own screen name. You have the option of vetoing any inappropriate screen names (Of course, that never happens in my classroom. My kids are angels.)

Kahoot! works on anything with an Internet connection. It’s awesome on BYOD campuses. It works on Android or Apple products, so there’s no compatibility issues. That’s helpful. It’s also FREE. That’s helpful, too.

The nice thing about Kahoot! is that you set the pace. The instant feedback  is great; you can immediately see how well the class grasps the concept, pause, and reteach if necessary.

There’s plenty of options for questions, too. You can use a basic text question, but there’s options to add picture files, or even videos. On the desktop version, you can edit start and stop times for YouTube videos to highlight specific content (as of right now, that option isn’t available on the iPad version.)

It instantly turns your class into a game show; the catchy little 8-bit synth pop tune sets the mood for fun. But the best part is that the kids love it, and that says something; even my jaded junior high kids get excited when they see Kahoot on the board. Not only do they get excited, but they always ask to play again!

Begging to review? Twice??



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