Death to Emojis! (At least in your Twitter handle)

Guys and gals, can we talk?

With the rise of emojis, I know it’s tempting to use those pretty letters in your Twitter handle, but you may be damaging your educational brand.

Emojis are based on something called the Unicode standard. This standard is occasionally updated by a group of nerdy-type web people, and the current standard is Unicode 10.0. Not all updates reach everyone’s devices at the same time, so if your tweet goes to someone who’s not up-to-date, you get this monstrosity:

Image result for emojis not showing

Recently, some of my *favorite* Twitter peeps have been using fancy font emojis to stand out, but what you may not realize is that you just destroyed your handle all together! When your tweets come across certain devices (like an Apple Watch), your friends will see a list of ugly question mark boxes instead of your awesome name (and the brand you’re trying to build).

So while it may look awesome on YOUR screen, be aware that many people may not be seeing what you’re seeing.

If you want to check device compatibility, you can check out Emojipedia, which will show you which devices the emoji will properly display in and what their version of the emoji will look like.

But for now, my advice is to stick with what works; text. You can always add fancy graphics and animations to stand out in the crowd, but repairing damage to your personal brand isn’t worth the risk.

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