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I love Twitter chats, but who’s got time? That’s an hour timesink, times infinity, because there’s so many great ones out there.

Enter the “slowchat,” which lasts all week, and you can check in whenever you want. But you really, really should, because it’s a great place to share resources. There’s so many incredibly creative and talented individuals out there, and I wanted to find a way to connect them all.

I truly believe that creativity is the missing piece in our classrooms; when you give kids the opportunity to put their own spin on the learning, all kinds of wonderful things happen. It engages EVERYONE, even special populations.

You don’t need tech to do it; good old-fashioned pencils and paper work. It’s HOW we do it that makes the difference. Tech, crayons, recycled materials… nothing is off limits and everything is fair game.

So please, join me each week, starting at 8:00pm on Sundays, to share your creativity with others, or just drop by to be inspired by others.

Our kids need your innovation. Our kids need to see creativity modeled.

Weekly Slowchat
Starting Sunday @8pm CST

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