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Student: Ms. Z, you don’t really look like that. Me: I’m exhibiting my stellar Photoshop skills. Student. Oh. You’re REALLY good then.

White on Rice

Sometimes, as a tech leader, I recognize that my “trainings” aren’t always high on the list of everyone’s favorite thing to do. It’s hard not to take it personally when certain teachers walk in and say, “All right, let’s get this over with.” *sigh* It’s really difficult not to attempt to justify your presentation; it’s

QR Code Mania

You see them everywhere in education; these peculiar little squares have blasted onto the classroom scene to deliver content with a simple scan. They can whisk you away to a website. They can play an audio file. They can display text. Now they can even download applications, share information, and make a phone call for you!

Fifi’s New Clothes

If you’ve never seen a tarantula shed it’s exoskeleton, it’s really quite interesting. Here’s a time-lapse of out class tarantula, Fifi, shrugging out of her old seven-legged “skin.” The entire process took about 12 hours. It’s unusual for a tarantula to do this upright; most of the time they flip over on their back to