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When I Die

“Ms. Z, did you see that dude who killed all those people in Florida?” my student greeted me at the door. “Yes,” I replied grimly. “I hope you know I’m not taking a bullet for any of you guys!” I joked, trying to relieve the tension. But they know better. They know I would. You

The Buzz from TCCA 2017 – Part 1

If you’re in the Southeast Texas area, you may have heard of a growing tech conference in the north Houston area called TCCA. Currently in its 7th year, I’ve attended since year 2, and presented since year 3. This conference holds a special place in my heart, because unlike other conferences, they somehow manage to

Things Teacher Lie About – Cheating

A peculiar thought struck me the other day. In my previous life, I worked at a press shop. My boss, a tiny whip of a woman named Cricket whose gravelly voice was perfected by years of chain smoking Marlboros, was quite imposing despite her small stature. I was new to the industry of printing, and

Oh No. Not Another Tech PD.

I’m used to teaching at tech conferences. Teaching at a tech conference is like standing in front of a group of children holding a handful of candy; they are hanging on your every word, and they know that when you’re done talking, they’re going to have something SWEET to take home. They’re the best audiences; they’re

White on Rice

Sometimes, as a tech leader, I recognize that my “trainings” aren’t always high on the list of everyone’s favorite thing to do. It’s hard not to take it personally when certain teachers walk in and say, “All right, let’s get this over with.” *sigh* It’s really difficult not to attempt to justify your presentation; it’s

#CreatEDU Weekly Twitter Slowchat

I love Twitter chats, but who’s got time? That’s an hour timesink, times infinity, because there’s so many great ones out there. Enter the “slowchat,” which lasts all week, and you can check in whenever you want. But you really, really should, because it’s a great place to share resources. There’s so many incredibly creative

New Feature: 10-Minute Tech

You don’t have time to learn something new. I know. Believe me, I KNOW. But you’re expected to crank out students with a deep understanding of technology, digital literacy, and Internet citizenship. Or maybe you just need to keep them busy for a few minutes. Either way, 10-Minute Tech is for you. These short videos

New Feature: Round-Up!

I’m adding a new feature to the site: Round-Ups are a collection of classroom ideas to help kickstart your creativity and add a little interest to your content. Sure, we’re all excited in the middle of July, but around the end of October we’ve pulled all those shiny new tricks out of the bag and

Five Years

I’ve hit that teaching milestone; the one that makes or breaks a teacher. I’ll be honest; it came very close to breaking me. My first year was a blur. Not only was I learning a whole new profession, I was also dealing with the declining health and eventual death of my father to colon cancer. That’s