Augmented Reality in the Classroom


What would you say if I told you that a picture on the wall held an entire secret world? It’s the ultimate inside joke on everyone; you walk past a simple image on a poster, or maybe it’s a photograph of a student. It may be an object, a statue, maybe a place. With the right tool, you can unlock the secrets hidden in the world around you.

It’s called an “aura,” and the company leading the way is called Aurasma. Aurasma’s product uses image recognition software to recognize a user-defined object, then reacts to that object in a way that the designer has instructed it to.


Picture this. You have a gallery of student pictures. You pass over a picture with your phone, and suddenly, in the phone, the student’s picture begins to talk. You look over your phone at the flat picture on the wall, and there is a simple picture. But your phone acts as a window into another dimension, a parallel world, where you student is sending you a secret message.

The “augmented reality” sounds like something straight out of a science fiction movie, but it’s very real. And the possibilities in the classroom are endless. Students love to create hidden messages. You can create a gallery walk where the student’s artwork comes to life! Student photography can blossom into moving animations. You can create intense scavenger hunts or classroom quests. The only limit is your imagination.

Check out the app at the iTunes Store or view Aurasma’s Company Website.

We’ll definitely be giving it a shot this year in my classroom.
I’ll post student examples on the Zentech Teacher Tumblr page,  but in the meantime, you can check out a video here.

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