When I Die

“Ms. Z, did you see that dude who killed all those people in Florida?” my student greeted me at the door. “Yes,” I replied grimly. “I hope you know I’m not taking a bullet for any of you guys!” I joked, trying to relieve the tension. But they know better. They know I would. You

TCEA 2018 Resources

If you didn’t make it into my Hacking Canvas class, you can access it here: Hacking Canvas   And here’s the first Photoshop class: Photoshop Focus: Brushes This class is still new, so the links are just resources right now. In a few weeks, it will be a full-fledged stand-alone online class, so check back

The Buzz from TCCA 2017 – Part 1

If you’re in the Southeast Texas area, you may have heard of a growing tech conference in the north Houston area called TCCA. Currently in its 7th year, I’ve attended since year 2, and presented since year 3. This conference holds a special place in my heart, because unlike other conferences, they somehow manage to

Things Teacher Lie About – Cheating

A peculiar thought struck me the other day. In my previous life, I worked at a press shop. My boss, a tiny whip of a woman named Cricket whose gravelly voice was perfected by years of chain smoking Marlboros, was quite imposing despite her small stature. I was new to the industry of printing, and

Oh No. Not Another Tech PD.

I’m used┬áto teaching at tech conferences. Teaching at a tech conference is like standing in front of a group of children holding a handful of candy; they are hanging on your every word, and they know that when you’re done talking, they’re going to have something SWEET to take home. They’re the best audiences; they’re


Student: Ms. Z, you don’t really look like that. Me: I’m exhibiting my stellar Photoshop skills. Student. Oh. You’re REALLY good then.

Blogging Buddies & Twitter Chats

As the school year wraps up, I try to reflect on what worked and what didn’t. This year, I made a huge effort to grow outside of my comfort zone; I needed to network. But where do you start? The education scene is FULL of amazing people doing incredible things, but as a teacher, it’s

Adobe Teacher Resources

If you’re a teacher who has to teach Adobe products, it can be pretty overwhelming. There used to be a real lack of education-level resources; everything was targeted at the professional designer. But as the popularity of Photoshop has risen from a niche job to a necessary skill, so have the resources for the classroom.